Effective Principal 360° - Free Downloads
360° assessments are used as a means of measuring the perceptions of those who work with you in comparison to your own observations, based upon a set of criteria. The Effective Principal 360° was developed around the Effective Principal Tracker set forth in Dr. Berkey’s book,
Improving Your Daily Practice: A Guide for Effective School Leadership
These instruments can be used to track your success in implementing changes to your leadership and can be used on multiple occasions. The following downloads are free to use once you have emailed our company and obtained permission.
Free Downloads:
Directions for Administration
Tally Sheet of Results
Principal’s Self-Assessment 360°
Principal’s Observer Assessment 360°
SMART Goal Links :
Specific • Measureable • Achievable • Relevant • Time bound

Once you have used the 360° instruments and tallied the results, it is time to set some goals for enhancing your daily leadership practices. Many variations of SMART goals have been developed to assist people in writing, pursuing, and achieving their personal and professional goals. Here are a few links to websites that provide useful SMART goal steps and processes:

How to Set Effective Goals
Tools, Tips & Resources
Keeping Goals on Track
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