Passion is a human emotion that can take many forms and effective leaders know how to drive change by tapping this important source of energy.  Consider the following facts that should serve as discussion points and passion generators among school educators:
1/3 of U.S. students drop out of school before completing a high school diploma.
2/3 of U.S. students are behind in their reading level by the time they reach 8th grade.
Most states use assessments that inflate the proficiency scores of children when compared to a nationally standardized test.
U.S. children have consistently scored lower in math and science than children from other developed countries.
The dollar value of a high school diploma in terms of real wages continues to fall.
The largest job growth area in the near future is home health care aides, starting at $20,000.
How would a coach prepare our students for global competition?
1. Get lots of practice time
   Country Days in the School Year
   China 251
   Korea 225
   Japan 223
   Taiwan 222
   Israel 215
   Switzerland 207
   Italy 210
   Russia 195
   England 190
   Canada 188
   USA 180

2. Scout the competition
American schools suffer from low standards.  Take a look at the curriculum objectives for Singapore, a country that consistently scores at the top of international assessments:  

3. Engage the players in rigorous training at the same level of the competition.
In work conducted by The Partnership for 21st Century Skills, government and corporate leaders have identified the rigorous skills that students will need to practice in order to compete in an unforgiving global economy:

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