Improving Your Daily Practice – 2 day workshop (based on Dr. Berkey’s book) to improve leadership effectiveness:
Day 1 – Strategies to Reduce Daily Time in Low Impact School Management
Day 2 – Where to Invest Daily Leadership to Impact Improved Teaching & Learning
Reshaping School Culture – 1 day workshop on methods to generate and sustain a desire among staff to change and improve, as the foundation for school culture. 
Re-defining School Vision – 1 day workshop that enables participants to re-define the vision of the school around expectations of what needs to happen every day in every classroom.
Coaching Effective Teams – 1 day workshop that provides school leaders with tools and coaching skills to improve the performance of teacher teams.
Transferring Best Practices – 1 day workshop provides school leaders with skills to identify, record, transfer and measure best practices implementation across the school organization.
Using Data to Drive Daily Improvement – 1 day workshop on how to establish a campus wide system that uses daily information to sustain academic growth for each child.
Customized Leadership Training  – based upon your campus/district needs.
Consulting: Leadership Development
School Improvement
Change Management
Knowledge Transfer
Professional Development
Mission, Vision, and Goal Attainment
Policy Review
Resources: 360° Leadership Assessments
Need for Change Power Point Presentations
Teaming Exercises
Revised Job Descriptions for School Leadership Positions
Visioning Exercises
Planners and Calendars to Support Leadership Transformation
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