The Leadership Transformation is that part of our process that allows the individual to determine which daily habits to diminish and which ones to enhance, all with the focus on improving teaching and learning. Once the Leadership Analysis has been conducted, a decision needs to be made about each behavior, so that weak and mild behaviors will consume less time and moderate and strong ones will get more attention.  Using the framework below, principals and school leaders have transformed their daily practices by making one of four decisions:
Eliminate the practice . . .
Restructure the practice . . .
Reassign the practice . . .
Enhance the practice . . . or employ some combination of these options.
For Example:
General Area of Responsibility:  Safe & Orderly Environment
Item :  Cafeteria Supervision:  The Principal spends an hour a day in the cafeteria.

Restructure Reassign
Strategies:   The Principal hires parents on an hourly rate and provides them with training in how to supervise and manage children during lunch time. 
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