High Impact Leadership
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STOP doing things that are unrelated to the improvement of teaching and learning!

Start doing more of the things that help teachers get better and students succeed!
Capturing More Time

School Principals and Educational Leaders are overwhelmed with a long list of traditional expectations that fill their work day with nonproductive activities.  In order to transform one’s leadership to higher levels of effectiveness, you must change daily habits, much like someone going on a diet.  In my methodology, you can accomplish this in three easy steps that can be practiced over and over to capture and free up time in your workday:

Step 1: Audit How You Spend Your Time (Leadership Audit)

Step 2: Analyze Your Behaviors (Leadership Analysis)
Step 3: Reduce Time in Nonproductive Work (Leadership Transformation)

Tracking Your Effectiveness

Once you reduce daily time invested in nonproductive school management tasks, it is important to establish new habits that are highly connected to effective school leadership.  My Effective Leadership Tracker provides school leaders with a framework of research based practices associated with the improvement of teaching and learning.  Each of the segments of the Tracker are made up of several subareas of leadership.
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